Why build a dome?

A well-built dome is a safe, energy efficient and inexpensive home to build and maintain.

Going green?

Building an environmentally friendly dome is your next step.

Peace of mind in storms:

"Storm shelter" series domes are rated for 250 mph winds

What Can We Do for You?



ESR 3419 issued March 6 2016 after a 5 year review process, is our official documentation that our claims, engineering, and decades of dedication to building safer structures has been officially recognized.

Your assurance that our domes have been scrutinized for structural integrity, engineering, and quality by the most exacting peer review process  in the construction industry. The International Code Council are the people who make the building code laws.

NO other dome company or kit has these credentials!

Have you noticed…suddenly the “other guys” are now rated for tornadoes,(bald faced lie) and suddenly the other guys are in the construction and cupola business after debunking our efforts for decades. NO  dome is “as good as” a New Age Dome. No repair is “as good as” a New Age dome repair, because we are the leaders in this field…not the “me too”guys. I’ve seen and fixed some of the other “expert” repairs and construction. One well advertised dome “builder” didn’t know ANY structures are to be built 6″ minimum above grade…not on grade. A brand new dome he built was leaking water under the walls. But he’s got a pretty site…real busy. Another has never had an original thought in his LIFE, just copies one of his neighbors in the region slavishly, but he can quote Bucky like scripture so that must make him an expert. Their non engineered cupola alternative is a joke! Progressive insurance calls people like this rate suckers. You think you’re getting an expert because of the pretty site. These guys talk about the professional people who live in a dome…NOT the professionals who inspect and investigate domes like the ICC process! There is a reason they don’t have an ICC report. They would fail and they know it!

BEWARE OF COPYCATS PEOPLE!  All domes are NOT created equal!

Our residential 40′ diameter domes are RATED for 250 mph winds. Why seek public shelter during our increasingly bad weather when you are safe  in your  NEW AGE dome? The SAME structures we’ve been building for 40 years are already compliant with the new 2015 building codes.   As most people say who tour our domes…”This just makes sense”.

Financial news….More national banks are now accepting New Age domes for financing. These include Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Texas Gulf federal credit union, and in the southeast, Compass Bbva. Kyle Phillips is our local contact. Compass officials  have inspected our products from the ground up and have offered our clients financing options that were closed before ICC  ESR3419 was issued. There IS no real comparison to domes that came before.

NEW AGE domes aren’t “hippy houses”, nor do they look like a 6th grade science project.  They are a modern crossover between traditional housing and a more efficient shape to build. With storm shelter capabilities and unheard of energy efficiency built in.

As seen on ABC 33/40https://www.facebook.com/abc3340, Tuscaloosa News, Wvua, CNN, and a few we haven’t seen….