Bridging the gap between dreaming of a dome and building one!

April 8, 1998...
A geodesic dome located in Birmingham Al survives a direct hit from an F-5 tornado that killed 42 people Gallery!
November 21, 2000
Alabama Power completes study on energy usage...Our domes have the lowest KW usage in their service area per sq. ft. of living space!

April 27, 2011... A New Age Construction built dome survives a direct impact from our devastating F4/5 tornado with minimal damage. Photos on "Legend" page.

New "Domes in Disasters" photos under LEGEND tab. A 39 year history of domes in natural disaster photos

New Age Construction is dedicated to the pursuit that all homes (domes) are NOT created equal!

Did you ever wonder why domes stand up to tornados and hurricanes better than rectilinear (box) structures? Simple really....Aerodynamics. Wind and waves just have a hard time getting a grip on them!

Why does our government house important installations under domes? Didn't our nation's air defense radar DEW line depend on domes for decades across the unforgiving arctic? Why do many communities designate commercial domes in the area as emergency shelters? How many times have you seen photos of devastation after a tornado except for the round water tower left standing? Recent hurricanes and tornado activity has brought extensive media coverage and the evidence is there in photo after photo. Round is better! In the areas where a dome was present, it survived when all else was washed or blown away!

Breaking news...breaking news...

Recent testing and engineers' certification of our basic dome shell has given New Age panelized kits an ICC/NSSA 500, FEMA 320, MFWRF (Main Frame Wind Resisting Force) wind load of 250 MPH . This meets the wind requirements for FEMA tornado shelters! Our basic kit obtains a 160 MPH projectile rating. Projectile requirements to full shelter standards are only a matter of a few upgrades! All models meet California Seismic requirements.

breaking news...breaking news....

We are full time geodesic dome builders, and consultants of over 40 years,....not part time dealers or distributors. We build our own custom kits and repair all of the "other guys" slip-ups. We have extensive experience building most kit styles and profiles, offering custom designs and finishes not found in standard kit packages.We will help you spot the gimmicks so prevalent in todays' dome industry.We'll help you build your dream dome in the most cost efficient manner possible.

For a long time banks and lenders gave up on domes as being "leaky" or having rot tendancies.We have, one-dome-at-a-time, perfected the wooden geodesic dome. Put simply..our cupola designs solve the rot problem caused by "overpressure" or hot roof. Bad roofers don't count.

Two major national lenders now have accepted N.A.C. built domes for financing effective immediately. Call for details. Recent commitments from investment groups along the east coast destroyed by hurricane Sandy have allocated 1 billion dollars in bridge loan money for our dome projects in the affected area! New domes going up in Jersey and Ct!

We can build to any stage of completion and offer consultation services on any dome project worldwide. We work with local builders insuring continuity during completion beyond the intitial dome raising.

We also offer maintenance, roofing services, or any major renovation of existing dome homes, as well as retrofit existing domes for cupolas. A must if you are re-roofing and don't have one. Built properly, it relieves "overpressure", which leads to decking rot and leaks which will work its way into the frame. Many times this issue is overlooked as being leaky skylights, which is one of the first areas to show the symptoms.



Energy usage & Green construction. Domes have always been one of the most environmentally friendly structures you can build. They use less materials, less energy to create and occupy, and impact a smaller area. Domes just make sense in today's world of ever more violent weather and increasing utility costs.Our 4045 sq ft double dome has enjoyed a yearly power bill of less than $1800.00 since we built it 24 years ago.Our house is kept a constant 68 during the summer. May 2012 was a particularly hot month for Alabama with temps around 104 for 2 weeks and days when 95 was considered tolerable. That months power bill was $245.00 using a 20 year old, 8.9 SEER heat pump! How much extra does that leave for paying on the back end of a mortgage each month? Many dome owners do just that!

Custom interiors are as varied as the owners imagination.

(1) Less expensive to build.

(2)Less expensive to heat and cool by 50% (NEW AGE DOMES)

(3) 4-5 times stonger in a natural disaster.

Our dome homes have been featured locally on ABC's 33/40,WVUA, NBC, MSNBC, Discovery Channel , and in a Los Angeles Times article.



One more thing....The number of "experienced" dome consultants and dome repair experts, took a big jump immediately after our site hit the internet. Read very carefully folks. We've been building domes longer than most kit manufacturers in business today! Have you noticed now that some of these kit companies will send a "couple of guys" for a couple of days? You're paying for it in the kit...and it leaves most of your domes' finish issues unresolved. Where's the real value in this "hit and run" tactic?

I do apologize for the primitive website...Thank goodness we know a lot more about domes than we do computers. The name of our company is indicative of a modern, more efficient way of building , and not intended to be associated in any way with any theology or alternative lifestyle. Believe it or not we've had some comments on that.