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Got a dome problem? We can fix it.


NOT the kit people who say their domes  are “as good as” New Age Domes. NOT the  roofing/repair people who say they can do, “as good as” a New Age Domes repair or cupolas.


The same people who for decades debunked us about cupolas and our methods of repair are NOW repairing and roofing domes? The same people who ripped off engineers drawings to hoodwink out-of- country clients for tens of thousands of dollars are now “experts” because they can quote Bucky like a Baptist preacher quotes the New Testament? The same dome people who didn’t know to build 6″ above grade are now BUILDERS? The people who PAINT their roof on have the audacity to call it “As Good As” a real roof? The same dome people that we’ve gone behind time and again, yet are STILL operating on the fringes of the law? There are people trading on our reputation and past associations who are outright thieves folks! Almost got one guy in Kansas City who bolted just ahead of the warrants from the hoodwinked homeowner. They are still looking for him in Florida too!

We don’t mind what they charge for services…they know what their work is worth!


BTW…these are My guys…


Moving on…..

From cupola retrofits and re-roofing to helping you get the most out of your HVAC system, we are ready to show what your dome can do. A lot of “tricks” are never realized when owner/builders do their own work.  BTW…..You don’t have to live in two temperature zones in your dome.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACustom shower stalls are just limited by your imagination. Note where in the dome panel this occurs.


We’ve repaired domes that to the local untrained eyes, needed to be demolished. No one recognized the framework of an afflicted dome would actually support the rest of the structure while repairs are being made to the damaged ones.It takes years of experience to spot these opportunities and we haven’t lost a patient yet!Grace damage

Many dome owners have defective skylights with rotten gaskets after years of service. Leaks often show up first around these as gaskets fail and flashing rusts, but don’t forget that condensation from a non vented dome often shows up around these metal flashing’s as well.

Dome 2011 019

 Often  there are better alternatives to the skylights sold with the kits including  proper  fire egress windows for second floor bedrooms. An alarming number of owner builders bought the dealers whole “toot and stumble” on skylights without considering the fire escape implications



This one’s done right…had to balance the shakras here….

Here’s a typical re-roof/repair client…great folks to work with and Cathy didn’t  scream  TOO loud when she came home and saw the top of her house gone! Read on….

moore beforeWe had almost reached the point of no return and were considering a demolition permit.   Pictures of dome homes surviving hurricane force winds became a source of depression for us.   Over the past twenty-five years we have had two new roofs – each of which developed new problems on top of the old.   Before each job began, we were assured by the roofing contractors that they knew what they were doing.   Upon completion and after the first rainfall, each of those roofing contractors felt it was necessary to explain to us that we had an unusual roof.   Then we talked to John Johnson.

John Johnson was the answer to our prayers concerning our dome home.   He knows domes; he knows how to tackle both the existing problems and the ugly surprises you get during construction/reconstruction. We are in awe of his expertise, his workmanship and his incredible personality.

We have a 40’ dome built in the early 80’s that had an 8’ skylight on top.   Unbeknownst to us (and in addition to the other problems from our first and second roofs), the skylight had been leaking for some time and had rotted out the decking around it.   John cut the opening for the cupola; built the pentagon sections for our cupola on site; built the supporting framework inside the house; and then secured the cupola to the framework.   Everything came together with a precision that we have never seen before.    The cupola is perfect.   It solves a lot of problems and looks great from inside and outside the house

.Dave Moore cupola John


John Johnson also plays well with others while making it clear from the beginning that he is in charge.   We found a local roofing contractor who wanted his crew to learn how to roof a dome but his crew spoke very, very little English.    John worked hard making sure everyone involved understood what he needed them to do and he followed through making sure it was all done the way it needed to be done – all of this while he was building the cupola and framework.   He had his hand and eye on every aspect of the job.

It is without any reservations whatsoever that we recommend John Johnson.   He truly is an expert and he has our respect and gratitude.

Sincerely, Dave and Catherine Moore

moore finished cupolaimage3