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This roof decking is 23 years old. Notice the color hasn’t even turned.

Roofing a dome is for  specialists. Traditional roofers do not understand the unique roofing requirements of a dome.

I fix regular roofers attempts to roof domes every month!

We are experienced in roofing all types and profiles of domes, and in retrofitting a CUPOLA to your dome.

A MUST if you don’t have one. It relieves over-pressure and allows the shingles to last their required lifespan while adding  new light and venting possibilities to your interior.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAover-pressure results….


.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Before N.A.CAfter poolAfter N.A.C.

A geodesic dome has one Achilles heel. In most cases it’s a bad roofer. They may be well intentioned but the art of cutting and overlapping a shingle is just that…an art. It’s not easy to teach and it’s not easy to learn if you don’t do it regularly.


There are greater implications beyond a perfect shingle job.

A dome with no cupola and and an inside environment is subject to condensation, starting in the upper panels. It most often shows up around metal flashing on a dome especially those with a plethora of skylights . Owners traditionally go out there and start piling on the goop, and thereby making the problem worse.Skylights

 Often the skylight gaskets have deteriorated over the years, especially in a dome with no cupola. Sometimes we can rebuild them. Some designs aren’t worth replacing. We have several sources for more modern designed skylights such as the VELUX round. I don’t LIKE skylights but in some situations they are less of a leak hazard. Placing them willy-nilly on a dome simply is asking for a leak when wind driven water defeats the gaskets.

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The gaps in the plywood under the roofing is usually enough to allow the prevention of the over-pressure situation that causes condensation, if it is allowed to passively ventilate under and trough the side walls of our cupola designs. No two cupolas are the same, however our engineering support insures most domes can be retrofitted. Supporting documents for homeowners insurance provided


  Here is probably the best example of our going behind another “experienced” dome roofer, from the owners perspective. James was so nervous he was literally vibrating with anticipation. With all on his plate then and now, I knew a house he could actually LIVE in was kinda important to the family. The sad part is just how easy this job was and how badly the “other guys” screwed him. Wonder if Jeeves is still around?


To Whom It May Concern:
RE: John Johnson dba
New Age Dome Construction
June 16, 2015
We suffered storm damage to the roof of our dome home and after some bad business dealings from a local contractor, we were left holding the bag with a leaking roof, a substantial loss of money, and nowhere to turn. Following an exhaustive internet search for dome roofers, we repeatedly came across John and his company. We corresponded by phone and email several times, and I sent him photos of the task he was up against. He immediately spotted the incorrect roofing job originally done and seemed surprised we hadn’t encountered problems sooner. Because of the original unscrupulous contractor, we had to recover the lost money which took a lot of time (and patience from John). Finally, after many months of putting all of the pieces together I told him we were ready. By this time I was beaten down, depressed, and we had begun living with the in-laws due to the increasing leaks and emerging mold issue. By this time we had 53 containers throughout the house and garage to catch leaks as well as plastic sheeting draped through the garage to catch the waterfall.
When John and the crew arrived, I was anxious to say the least. Fear of the unknown and unseen water damage and the increasing costs associated with it kept visions from the movies “Are we Done Yet?” and “The Money Pit” going through my mind. Through the photos I had sent, John had a very good idea of where to attack first, and he set to work with diligence. Although I was flitting around like a hummingbird on cocaine, John remained undaunted and politely told me to “relax, I’ve got this.” It is a hard thing for a control freak like me to do, but I slowly relinquished control of the reins to him. To make my story shorter, John displayed the utmost of confidence during my project. There were no surprises or hidden agendas. He told me what he needed to do, explained the rationale behind it, and we proceeded forward. The mistakes from the original roofers became evident to me during the repair phase and I could see firsthand where the errors had been made and how he corrected them. The crew did their jobs, the repairs went off without a hitch, and the roof looks great. Although we encountered some rain delays, the roof immediately withstood a monsoon and there were no leaks-just as guaranteed!
I am very happy with John and his company, the quality of workmanship is remarkable and his attention to detail left nothing uncovered. I would recommend his services without reservation to anyone in need of a true and HONEST dome specialist.
James Stine
Malvern, Arkansas